Kleiner Perkins Sees Profits In Pandemics?

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While highly targeted venture capital funds don’t always do well, top VC firm Kleiner Perkins doesn’t seem to mind them. It apparently did quite well a decade ago with its “Java fund.” The latest, which comes as a bit of a surprise, is apparently a $200 million “pandemic fund”. It’s obviously to fund ideas to prevent pandemics, rather than create them. That’s certainly an excellent cause, but a very narrowly focused one — and one that might raise a lot more questions about likelihood of profits than something that is more broadly applicable like a specific technology. That doesn’t mean to imply that this is a bad thing. In fact, it’s potentially wonderful and life-saving to invest in pandemic prevention. It’ll just be interesting to watch how well the fund actually does from a business standpoint. It seems like their may be a lot of luck involved. If the fund hits a home run by investing in “the cure” for something big, then great. If not…

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Comments on “Kleiner Perkins Sees Profits In Pandemics?”

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Michael says:

Re: Sounds like a bad bet

Your first bullet is a little off. There is a cost associated with preventing pandemics. As long as the fund invests in companies who are at the receiving end of that transfer of money, the fund will succeed. Of course, the preventors of a malady are usually the ones on the cost side… so who knows.

But whether it makes a profit or not, it’s still a) a great value to society and b) great PR for the firm, which may boost their other funds.

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