Bad Ad Matching: Work 9 To 5 Or 5 To 9?

from the you'd-think-they'd-figure-it-out-by-now... dept

In an age where advertisers try to better target ads to the context of what’s on a website, there have been plenty of stories of mistakes. Before Yahoo bought them, Overture used to always talk about how a story about someone being stabbed showed a Google ad for knives — though it was never clear if this really happened, or was just a possibility Overture dreamt up. However, there are still some bad ad choices that do occur, and Jeremy Wagstaff has caught a particularly amusing one. He was reading a Reuters article about an organized labor group promoting a new website that works to convince union members to just work their “proper hours” (i.e., 9 to 5) and no more… and right next to it is a Cisco ad promoting the ability to work from “5 to 9,” pointing out that thanks to the ubiquity of the internet, computers and mobile devices, you can work any where at any time.

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Comments on “Bad Ad Matching: Work 9 To 5 Or 5 To 9?”

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Wolfger (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re: anonymous coward

thanks for being an asshole and referring to everyone as kids, it just shows your comtempt and ignorance even more…

Dang… Where do I begin?
First: swearing at somebody. You just earned the contempt you thought you were getting.
Second: the use of “kids” is colloquial, and does not convey either contempt or ignorance.
Third: your taking great umbrage at being called a kid shows a low level of maturity (one might even say “childish”).
Fourth: your post served absolutely no purpose whatsoever, other than to be inflammatory.

Why do we allow cowards to post anonymously?

anon says:

Re: Re: Re:2 anonymous coward

>Why do we allow cowards to post anonymously?

Because even though some (hell, maybe most, or maybe it’s just one guy acting a fool) people who post anonymously are only out to start flaming back and forth all the time, there are some people who have opinions who do not want to attach a name to the opinion for whatever reason.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:2 anonymous coward

First: My contempt was directed specifically at a person who had already shown intent to inflame, he should expect no other treatment.
Second: You can’t tell me what Rikko’s intentions were, only he knows and only the reader can infer. I don’t need to justify myself to you.
Third: Using uncommon words when a common word will do does not make you look smart, why couldn’t you just say “offence” instead of “umbrage”. Does using a thesaurus make you feel smart?
Fourth: I’m glad you’re not completely stupid. At least you got the point of my post. You on the other hand are just some jerk trying to act superior and your post serves much of the same purpose for which you condemn mine. Which makes you a hypocrite.
Fifth: You are just as anonymous as I am, or do you think anybody actually reads your blog or cares who you are?
I expected as much from an empty headed “blogger”. Wait let me go look just to see what you have to say there…ahh as I suspect, utter garbage. Looks like you were DDoS’d by someone that dislikes you more than I do. Wow a movie review for Underworld 2. Oh Kate Beckinsale is hot so that makes the movie worth watching no matter how bad it sucks? How insightful. Hmm also very noticeable is the lack of colorful language like “umbrage”. Yes, it’s obvious that someone was reading before posting…

the unknown says:

Re: Re: Re:5 anonymous coward

Too many anonymous cowards it’s confusing. I have a name, it’s the unknown, and yet i remain anonymous. Please, invent a name for yourself and assume it. If you really need help go to click on thesaurus and choose anything that they give you for looking up the term: confusion, coward, anonymous, me, him, her, it, basket, fish, dog, teenager, hooligan, god. Whatever suits your mood.

the unknown says:

personal attacks

The base personal attacks are getting tiring guys. If you should attack someone here, please do it with flair and humour, it would be much more fun to read.
Try this: invent a new swear word. Maybe it might be used worldwide and you could get your claim for fame. Matt Stone and Trey Parker are masters at this. Example: “cock-fag”, from the movie “Team America World Police”.
Or try something more challenging: insult someone without using swear words such as “you half-brained short-armed no-legged proof for counter-darwinism”.
May the intelligent wars prevail…hale satan!

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