Anyone Else Want To Sue Over Grand Theft Auto?

from the we've-got-just-about-everyone dept

It’s no secret that family groups and folks like Jack Thompson like the idea of suing Grand Theft Auto publisher Take Two Interactive. However, in the last few weeks, it seems that people everywhere are lining up to get a piece of the action. Last month it was the city of Los Angeles — which isn’t exactly known for its high moral stance on things. However, now we’ve got prostitutes and class action lawyers going after the company as well. The class action lawyers are trying to drum up interest in a lawsuit on behalf of shareholders, suggesting that those shareholders lost money due to the controversy. Like most shareholder class action suits, this one seems unlikely to get very far, and is clearly about trying to make the lawyers some money, rather than actually represent the interests of the shareholders. As for the prostitutes, at least they’re just asking for a boycott of the game. Apparently suing is going too low. Of course, with each lawsuit, the company gets more publicity for its games, as more people wonder what all the fuss is about.

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Comments on “Anyone Else Want To Sue Over Grand Theft Auto?”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: 13-year-olds enjoy GTA & Prostitutes

“now we’ve got prostitutes and class action lawyers going after the company as well.”

yes, my evening of playing GTA for 6 hours straight just wouldn’t be completely without ending it by going to the corner to pickup a hooker, to have violent intercourse with her…

i wonder how often this was happening before this first prostitute stood up and said something about it – or one better, I wonder how many prostitutes this had happened to in the past, for this claim to come about. possibly its well know that in the “prostitute business”, that most people look to pickup hookers right after playing GTA… especially all the under-age males who are playing GTA as claimed in other lawsuits – and what are these underage males driving around in? they obviously are “not old enough” to be playing this game, so who is giving these 13-year-olds driver’s licenses… and a car… and the money to pickup these prostitutes.

Anonymous Well Hung Guy says:

Re: Re: 13-year-olds enjoy GTA & Prostitutes

I used to beat up prostitutes back in the early 80s. It was because I played too much pong. Later I just threw barrels at them because I played too much Donkey Kong.

It has nothing to do with me being a bad person. Everything is OK if it makes ME feel good…as long as I have SOMEONE ELSE to blame.

Monkey Joe says:

Re: Art imitates life, Life imitates art...

Just remember that the US military has been training their troops in multiplayer video games for a while now…
…and if video games had any effect on us, we’d all be running around in dark rooms, listening to repetitive music while gobbling down little pills…

Jeremy says:

Go Gamers

Thank you lawyers. You are making the GTA series a very popular hit with the public. Very good publicity I might add. When are idiots gonna learn that games don’t make people kill, it’s the kid’s that are messed up in the first place, and beside’s the game is rated for adults. If your 13 year old kid is playing it then that is the parents decision to allow him/her to do that.. Part of being a parent is taking responsibility for your kids actions because he is YOUR kid, not anybody elses.

Austin says:

No Subject Given

Man, maybe it’s just the way I think, but there is no way a game could effect my mind enough to drive me insane to kill a person. If anyone has a weak enough mind to let it be EFFECTED by a game, then they were messed up in the first place. I can’t see anyone actually being driven to kill by playing a game. Anyone with any amount of logic and intelligence should be able to realize that a game shouldn’t have any effect on what they are thinking. Just because they see someone get killed on screen, then they suddenly think it is okay to do in real life? Well, they obviously have no intelligence at all to be able to realize what they are actually thinking.

Jeremy says:


I think they should counter sue, for wasting there time with false statements. Or sue for slandering or something too make these idiots stop sueing game companys. If a judge allows this then what game company is going to be sued next. I know, EAGAMES, for making SIMS, for the sexual content in there, or for making Madden, because it’s too violent.

the unknown says:

Sueing laws in the states are absolute BS

Isn’t prostitution illegal in the state of California?
People who sue right and left should be sued for all their money. Lawyers who waste a court’s time like this should be debarred.
Sueing laws in the states are absolute BS. People do not deserve to be rewarded for being greedy, mindless idiots.
I do find that the prostitute’s stance is the most sensible one in this case and merits it’s share of attention, but the lawyers mentioned should be dealt with accordingly.

Paul Bembry says:

Sue Grand theft auto is Wrong

The law designed to protect , not to serve as avenue for income replacements. The packages clearly state it rating as if you need help knowing the rating there are several other means to identify such, People wake up go to work and govern your children and home if you dont want to be exposed to it dont buy it , your choice …

Marsh says:


why would anyone be entertained by such a fucking stupid plot line… are a darkie, running around breaking the law, killing police, and raping women. the game is emulating the criminals who act like this in real life. would you have a poster on your wall of a death row inmate incarcerated for rape and murder? would that be your hero? GTA fans are demonstrating a lack of intelligence.

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