UK Cops Want A Way To Avoid Copy Protection Scheme

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It’s no secret that both Microsoft and Intel have been working on building copy protection technology deeper into their operating system and chips, respectively. It’s not entirely clear why they feel that they should take away functionality from their end users in favor of the entertainment industry, but that’s their choice. However, it appears that Microsoft’s constantly name changing copy protection for Windows Vista has at least one group worried: authorities in the UK. Kenny in Boston writes in to point out that UK officials are worried that the “Trusted Platform Module” will make police work more difficult, since they won’t be able to easily rummage through suspects’ computers. Of course, rather than fighting it directly, they’re simply negotiating with Microsoft to make sure there’s a backdoor for the police. What they don’t seem to realize is that, if there’s a backdoor for the police, it’s quite likely that others will figure it out pretty quickly as well, mostly rendering any copy protection system (once again) useless as copy protection, but quite effective as a customer annoyance.

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Comments on “UK Cops Want A Way To Avoid Copy Protection Scheme”

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Charles Compton says:

Re: No Subject Given

I have a simple solution to all of this. The artist needs to GIVE away their music. If they set up a e-commerce web site that allows users to download the songs for free and allowing them to buy the shirts, hats and whatever else they can stamp their name on. They could even sell the video’s and stamped copy of their CD. They will make more money that way. Of course RIAA would have to figure out how to get their grimy little paws in on it. It may not be the perfect fix, but it is a start.

RIAA should be embracing the digital community instead of fighting them every step of the way. I mean, everything is going digital. I wonder if they realize that the cassette is gone the way of the 8-track. RIAA has been one or two step behind since all this started.

There is my inflation adjusted 2 cents.

Anonymous Coward says:

DIREC TV / OSX and Linux

DSS finally came up with some heavy duty copy protection for the DSS cards, it hasn’t been cracked for a year now, but then again, if its not hack able, then just use the compeditors product instead.

Lucky enough for us, Apple OSX x86 for PC is hacked to work on newer PC computers which you can download a leaked and pre-hacked version of Tiger 10.4.4, and also there is good old Linux which is free.

So if Microsoft wants to play hardcore copy protection, then people wil just start moving on to the next platform and developing for it instead.

Elzeard (user link) says:

No Subject Given

Remember who said that?
Why is it that All of the Computing Public is treated as if they are hard-boiled criminals? And why are they so unaffected by such treatment?
Is there some research that tell Big Biz that all customers are crooks? Or is that their emotional assessment?
I believe most people do not have the inclination &/or skill to rip-off the Entertainment Industry wholesale. I do know of two people who have DL’d movies and music for themselves and friends, and I don’t condone that. However, I do wonder how much people like that are crippling the industry. How often do they watch or listen to their ill-gotten warez? From what I’ve seen, their burnt discs are more a trophy than a product.
Yet there are those who do merchadise media in volume. That is certainly a problem that Should be corrected, but not by treating ME like a master thief. Any Product or Policy that abuses my trustworthy nature like that is going straight to the bottom of my preference list.

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