It Takes An Amateur To Create A Mobile Game That Uses The Network

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For quite some time, I’ve been saying that the real breakthrough in mobile gaming isn’t in just taking traditional games and making them mobile, but in offering something different that couldn’t be done without the mobile phone. That is, something that takes advantage of the users being mobile and connected. Others are certainly saying the same thing, though there still haven’t been too many successful examples. A few developers are trying, but over at 3GSM, it looks like one of the most creative gaming ideas that does embrace what’s different about the mobile phone comes from an amateur, rather than professional developer. The game, which won two prizes to beat out the pros, involves using two camera phones to act as virtual tennis rackets, batting a virtual tennis ball across a court. It looks fairly simple — but creative in a way that could definitely be compelling.

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Comments on “It Takes An Amateur To Create A Mobile Game That Uses The Network”

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Nick says:

Re: Re: why?

Who actually plays the games on their phones, anyway? It’s not only because they suck, when people have their cell phone they’re out with friends or going out to do something, not sit around and look at a 1.5″ screen all day.(Albeit my cell phone DOES have some pretty cool text RPG’s :-D)

I just don’t think there is gonna be some mad obsession with playing games on cell phones anytime too soon.

Anonymous Coward says:

Just hope people playing it dont...

have butterfingers and loose grip of an expensive camera phone, tossing it into who knows what (walls, trash cans, the vicious fat lady’s ass who will then smack you with her 10 lb hand).

All kinds of lawsuits and refund excuses would come up then. “Ya, I was playing a game of tennis and threw my phone at a wall, so the guy that wrote the game has to buy me a new phone.”

OR in the case of threwing it at a fat lady’s ass “I threw my phone at her ass, she thought I was pinching it, and now I want the guy that wrote the game to pay my ICU bills.”

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Just hope people playing it dont...

loOse grip?

loose: v; to release or unleash.

Well, if I had one of those obscenely expensive camera shoe-phones, I don’t think I’d be loOsing my grip anytime soon. They’ll get my expensive pointless phone when they pry it out of my cold, dead hands. Or in a year when it’s obsolete.

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