China Piracy Crackdown… Tossing The US A Bone?

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While we’re on the subject of China, it might be worth noting that the Chinese government today publicly announced that it had cracked 172 cases of content counterfeiting. The timing of this is interesting, coming the same day of hearings in the US about China’s internet censorship policy. In the past, the US government has repeatedly put pressure on the Chinese over rampant counterfeiting operations. Last year, the Chinese government basically helped stage the arrest of an American who was responsible for one counterfeiting sales operation, as if to prove that the blame should be placed on American ex-pats in China. However, perhaps today announcement of a crackdown was to throw the US a bone, showing that they’re doing “something” — even if totally unrelated to today’s hearings.

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Comments on “China Piracy Crackdown… Tossing The US A Bone?”

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SmallTwig says:


Thoes counterfitting basterds! I mean, come on, who has a problem with censorship anyways? Why would anyone want to do anything about such a great policy… Just like America’s new “I know what said last summer” [In reference to the new Protection Operation, starting with out telephones… thats right, our telephones are evil, and they should all be monitored 🙂 )…


John Smith says:

No Subject Given

Hey, its the American way to Lie, Cheat or Steal. Even big Corperations do it but with Billions of dollars and they get rewarded for it!

Take Haliburton, Maybe they know where the 9 Billion dollars went that seem to be missing…

Don’t be surprised if you find more Americans do this, I mean we learned from Israel, our best friends 🙂

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