Potty Training For Geeks

from the from-the-outhouse-to-the-geekhouse dept

We were just mentioning that in this new digital age, bathrooms are the new office, and it appears that plenty of gadgeteers are showing up to help outfit that office. Christopher Amos writes in to point out a story about the growing list of technologies invading our bathrooms — some quite expensive. It seems that, while most consumer electronics are fighting it out over the living room, a few are aiming elsewhere, to a… more personal room. Once again, we’re forced to wonder if, perhaps, Microsoft really was onto something with that iLoo idea.

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Comments on “Potty Training For Geeks”

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Anonymous Coward says:

right time Vs wrong time

i can just see it now – your secretary is banging away at the bathroom door for you to take a call from one of your business associates… because she figures that as long as you have a computer in “there”, you can take whatever call you would normally take.

people need to understand – just because you are “available”, doesn’t mean that you are “completely available” and that some things just need to wait until you are “free” to deal with them.

there is a right time for things, as well as there is a wrong time for things…. and computer usage while on the pot is one of those wrong times. (imho)

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