Blaming Browsers For Poor Mobile Web Development

All things considered, mobile web browsing is a pretty poor experience, for any number of reasons. Poorly designed sites, frustrating navigation and of course, compatibility issues. Because of this, eWeek says that the mobile web still isn’t suited for business use. It points to better browsers as one solution, raising the ongoing argument about which is better for mobile — optimized browsers or sites optimized for mobile. If there’s one place where optimized sites and services undoubtedly make a lot of sense, it’s in the enterprise space, particularly for all these “mission-critical” mobile applications. The corporate environment offers a relatively closed system where companies can get their mobile users to standardize on select devices, reducing compatibility worries — and properly designed and implemented mobile sites that stick to established standards shouldn’t have a whole lot to worry about on most new devices. There’s a good argument that developing mobile sites and services for an enterprise audience is actually easier than developing for the general public, because of this — to say that mobile browsers are holding back the enterprise market is little more than a cop out.

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