Some Classics Back On Top Of The Vaporware List

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Every year, Wired News puts out their top 10 list of “Vaporware” products. Amusingly, even Wired’s own list was delivered late. In the past, they’ve usually come out the first week of January (though, in 2000, they actually made it out in the las week of December). This year, however, taking a cue from all of the vaporware products, the list didn’t make it out until today, well into February. As in the past, videogames seem to dominate the list, which makes it a little less interesting for non-gamers. However, the top two slots are held by the king and queen of vaporware products: the Phantom gaming console and Duke Nukem’ Forever. Both have been promised for years and years. Wired News had even given Duke Nukem (promised for nine years) a “lifetime achievement award” a few years ago just to get it off the list, but by popular demand it’s back. More questionable is “Google products” taking the number 3 spot. The reasoning is that all those “beta” products haven’t actually “shipped,” and it goes against Wired’s own rules concerning products that had a set ship date that was missed. Seems like stretching the definition of vaporware, but at least it’s not yet another video game on the list.

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Comments on “Some Classics Back On Top Of The Vaporware List”

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Just one guy says:

Re: No Subject Given

My pick for Vaporware of the Year is the “three-way” my girlfriend had been hinting at for the better part of 2005. If I hear, “Baby, I can’t wait, but I just need to find the right girl” one more friggin time, my GIRLFRIEND is going to be vaporware by the end of the year.

Well, well, go find another girl on your own, and show up at her house with her. But by gosh don’t let her go until you’ve actually called her bluff.
And, BTW, what has this to do with the topic at hand? Is “three-way” a new video game? Where can I buy it? 🙂

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