Paid Search Results Rife With Spyware

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Click fraud is a growing problem for paid-search providers, but they’re also faced with growing consumer resentment over the number of listings that lead to malware. While companies like Google and Microsoft are vocal in their distaste for spyware, some people feel they’re paying little more than lip service. The original article points out that Microsoft even went so far as to sue one alleged spyware maker over its business practices, but continued to return its advertisements on the MSN web site. It also reports that users in the Google Group for the anti-“badware” initiative it’s supporting are raising questions about some of the contextual ads on the group’s pages. Like advertisers suing Google for click fraud, critics allege the company has no motivation to stop the practice, since it profits from it. On their own, these issues may not be huge. But when they’re taken into account alongside other bouts of bad publicity, they could become a tipping point for the likes of Google.

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Comments on “Paid Search Results Rife With Spyware”

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Ben Edelman (user link) says:

Some related work & examples

I agree that this is a big problem, and that consumers are rightly getting fed up with it.
Some representative recent examples:

MikeTrin says:


Not only does searching for FireFox on Google lead to sponsored ads where users pay $39 to download FireFox. Google also shows sponsored ads that pull up a page full of Google ads and a Google sponsored download FireFox link where the site owner gets $1 per download, not to mention money from the Google ads. I just wonder how much he pays for the sponsored link on search results and if his income from the $1 per download on FireFox pays for it.

I know better, too says:

Re: Never have, never will.

Merlin is right. I _never_ click on those spyware-filled Google ads. To all you new people out there, don’t click on -any- of those Google or Yahoo ads because most of them are spyware…funny that those companies claim to not know that.

If you want free reliable software with no spyware or ads in it, try Nonags I have used them for at least 8 years and never got any spyware or adware and I have downloaded hundreds of programs there.

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