"Harassment" Runs Rampant In British Email… Three Or Four Years Ago, Maybe

from the depth-of-coverage dept

The BBC is touting a study from the British government that says one in eight people in the country have been “harassed by email”. They sort of bury the fact that the study was conducted in 2002 and 2003 (what took them so long?), and they, nor the government, ever clarify what exactly constitutes an offensive email, or when being offensive crosses the line into becoming harassment. So basically we’re left with a bunch of three- or four-year-old data that’s not really clear at all, but a nice meaty headline. It would be nice to know what’s actually going on here, if people in the UK really are being harassed left and right via email. Maybe a stern email to the BBC is in order, asking them to clarify — or would that be harassment?

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