Like The RIAA, But Probably More Expensive

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As if the antics of the RIAA weren’t help enough, two of its former heads — Hillary Rosen and Jay Berman — are starting an anti-piracy consulting firm. Wait, isn’t that the role that the RIAA’s taken on? The two have apparently worked with an economist to develop a model to help businesses quantify the impact of of piracy, and you can’t help but wonder if the loss figures it generates will be as ridiculously inflated as the ones the RIAA waves around. Another curious aspect to all of this is Rosen’s sudden change of heart on some of the issues for which she argued so passionately when she ran the RIAA. After pleading Steve Jobs to open up the iPod, some people wondered if she was on the payroll of some music download stores. Wonder how long it will take that supposedly pro-consumer sentiment to disappear now.

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Comments on “Like The RIAA, But Probably More Expensive”

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Simon says:


however… everybody that buys a counterfeit copy WOULD (and does) pay for it – often unaware that it’s not an original.

So wouldn’t it make more sense to concentrate their energies on going after the organized crime gangs SELLING illegal copies rather than casual downloaders? It’s much more realistic to assume that 1 counterfeit sale = 1 lost real sale.

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