Billionaire Being Charged With Hacking, Blackmail

from the didn't-have-enough? dept

A UK heir to a fortune over a billion dollars is apparently now facing hacking and blackmail charges, along with a number of others. While plenty of computer crimes appear to be legal in the UK, “hacking into National Health Service computers to access confidential medical files to blackmail people, and spying on police and bugging their phone calls to get information” is still very much illegal, it appears. The article is a bit unclear as to Matthew Mellon’s specific involvement in the crime, but he is appearing in court as a defendant associated with the case. Update: It looks like the original story was false and has since been removed. We’ve been alerted that the story was false, and we had noted originally that the story seemed quite vague and without specifics. It’s not clear why UPI wrote the original story if it was not at all true. We apologize for any embarassment this caused, though, as bloggers, we can only rely on the source material which we used.

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