For Just $8,699 You, Too, Can Control Your Oven Over The Web

from the it-took-that-long-and-that-much-for-this? dept

For years and years, we’ve been hearing stories about internet connected appliances — with most of the focus being on refrigerators. However, why stop there? One company is apparently using some NASA technology to create a internet connected oven that will set you back a cool $8,699. We’ve actually heard of similar things before, but this is the first one we’ve heard of actually being available. What’s not entirely clear is how this is possibly worth nine thousand dollars and why it needed twelve years to develop. Twelve years? Was this originally intended to be run using Gopher or something?

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Comments on “For Just $8,699 You, Too, Can Control Your Oven Over The Web”

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Moogle says:

Not as easy as you may think

Well, the internet connectivity is pretty simple, a good robust interface can be developed in short order, nothing really new.

That’s not the big deal though, the oven is also a refrigerator. Obviously an internet-oven would be useless if the food spoiled between leaving for work and starting it before you return. I’m guessing any standard refrigeration unit wouldn’t hold up well to 400? F.

My guess is 12 years were spent on coming up with a refrigerant with a very wide temperature range, and when that was finished, they came up with the idea of a refrigerating oven as a way to use it. If they just wanted to cool off an oven, it could have been developed differently much faster, but possibly not in as small a space.

Tech Support says:

Re: Not as easy as you may think

I don’t know about you, but I think any bacteria that decide to grow on a casserole between 7:00am and 4:30pm would most likely be killed off when cooked at 400 degrees for 45 minutes. I think the idea is just plain outrageous and only a way for people to spend their disposable income. What a waste of technology. Go capitalism!

Wingfat says:

how much?!!? I did my own DIY version for under $2

I love to cook / bake at home when i get off of work. Being an IT guy i always love to test my skills at down things remotly. So i bought a lego mindstorms set with the camera and servos. So i then set up a PCAnyware connection to my home PC from my work one. Then i set up a servo from one of my old gas powered RC Trucks on my oven and set up the “lego arm” to press a button on the controller and that presses the oven button to on in my kitchen that is on a different floor in my house then my PC.
So all in all these things can be done cheaper if you really wanted it. 😉

Anonymous Coward says:

Did anyone read the privacy agreement?

Did anyone read the terms and conditions that come with this oven? (Found in the installation PDF on their website)
TMIO, LLC reserves the right to collect usage information regarding your use of the Software and the Appliance. You expressly consent to the collection of such usage data by TMIO, LLC for purposes including, but not limited to resolving issues, generating upgrades, providing service and repairs, and for transmission to third-parties in connection with an unresolved insurance claim or other legal proceeding. The usage data may include, but need not be limited to, frequency of use, temperatures, length of usage, features used, commands used, and other relevant information regarding your use of the Software and/or Appliance. This data may be collected via service call, upgrade installation, remotely via an Internet connection or via any other communications employed by the Appliance and TMIO, LLC. At no time will TMIO, LLC divulge any personal confidential information to a third party without your consent or pursuant to a valid court order.”
Why do they need to know when I’m cooking, what recipes I’m looking up, etc.?

Kevin says:

No Subject Given

Hmm, oh well, what’s the big outrage? If enough people are willing to spend $9000 on this thing that it’s profitable, then there’s no debating it will have proved to be a useful product.

If not, it will go away and be forgotten.

Lots of companies try things and wind up just pissing away the money. It’s just experimentation, not a bad thing.

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