Stressed If You Do, Stressed If You Don't

from the can't-win dept

Last month we wrote about how people were blaming their mobile phones for adding stress to their lives… both in bringing work home and in bringing family annoyances to work. Well, perhaps it’s a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation, because a new study points out that people are getting stressed out if they don’t have their mobile phone. The article then goes down the predictable path of calling people addicted to mobile phones. Again, that seems a bit extreme. What it signifies is that, for many people, mobile phones have become very important — so it’s no wonder that losing one can be stressful. Either that, or maybe we’re all just addicted to stress.

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Comments on “Stressed If You Do, Stressed If You Don't”

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Shoal Creek says:

That is why

I refuse to get a mobile phone for that very reason. It keeps a lot of stress off. My wife keeps saying she wants one. If we do get one, it’ll be on the cheapest plan possible (100 minutes/month?), it’ll go in the car, and it’ll be used ONLY in emergencies. That way it won’t be stressing me and it will only be buying just a tiny bit more peace of mind.

Looking everywhere says:

Re: That is why

You’re not the first, or last person to say that. Everybody is going to use their cell ONLY for emergencies, then the wife leaves for the grocery and you remember something she doesn’t have on the list (an emergency?). Before you know it, you’re calling just to “Hi Honey” :). Take my advice, never get one. It will become the bane of your existance.

Tyson says:

No Subject Given

I think what some people do not understand is the fact that you DO NOT have to answer your phone.
I have a very simple system for my cell phones; all of my friends/family/co-workers have an understanding that if they call and I dont answer, I am probably screening your call. If it is important, leave a voice mail, send me a text message or immediately call back again and then I will get back with you if I think it is important enough to intrupt what I am doing.
Simple, effective, and greatly reduces the amount of personal items spilling into work and work items carrying over into personal time.

Frank says:

Who/what to blame

In my opinion, it’s not the mobile phone, PDA, iPod, Blackberry or whatever gadget that you’re using to blame for stress, addiction or health effect or whatever; it’s us, the users.
Use them responsibly and observe how they enhance your life experience and fun; if they got in the way and did the reverse, get rid of them.
First we get eager to have something and use it, and after a while start complaining, and then, look for someone else to tell us what to do with the situation.

Technopundit (user link) says:

Re: Who/what to blame

Cheapest service to leave in the car and for emergencies:

Pay as you go. $10.00 per month. Buy the cards at the grocery store.

After a while, in their infinite gererosity, they even allow the minutes to roll over. Keep a spare card around and write the current activated card’s expiration date on it.

Record an answering announcement for callers not to leave a message — to call you at home instead.

Get the cheapest (compatible) phone you can and initiate the service at the retail store. (The phone support is virtually useless.)

cosmicspace says:

Re: Re: No Subject Given

Actually the cheapest phone plan is to not have one at all. If your purpose is truly to use it only for emergencies then you don’t need a plan at all. Obtain a used phone (possibly from a friend who is upgrading and doesn’t need their old one) and put it in the glovebox. 911 calls are routed through regardless of service or phone status, unless the battery is dead or the phone is actually broken. I guess the cellular companies are required to do that in order to not to risk someone having a heart attack but not being able to get through to 911 on their cellphone.

The drawback to prepay is that it’s EXPENSIVE and sometimes will drain just from having it. Verizons Inpulse plan is $.99 per day and $.10 per minute. It comes with unlimited night minutes and unlimited “IN” network calling but no matter how you look at it, its $30 a month. Other carriers have better plans but often sacrifice coverage. On top of that, the customer service of ALL prepay plans SUCKS. Be prepared to be treated like a prison b#^$@ with all the commensurate benefits.

haggie says:

No Subject Given

Having a terminal illness, losing a family member, getting fired or laid off, or having serious financial problems are stressful things. Deciding whether or not to answer that work call at 7pm is NOT stressful and anybody the claims it is should be beaten.

And as far as addiction goes, cell phone are as addictive as a James Frey “memoir”…

Sam says:


Lets all stop being kids and refusing to take responsibility for ourselves!

If some thing that simple is stressing you out then you probably need stress managment!

If you don’t think so, look a little closer. The american society has become more accostome to blaming any thing else, every thing else but themselves. It’s said games create violent ciminals out of kids, not the lack of parenting. Over weight people blame there bad genetics or big bone structure for being over weight not the fact that 4 nights out of 7 they order from the drive-through and the most exercise they get is walking to and from the car and back and froth at home and at work.

Take responsibility for your self, stop being childish.

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