Robotic Dogs Just As Comforting As Real Dogs?

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New research is apparently claiming that robotic dogs, like the Aibo, have the same beneficial impacts on human caretakers as live dogs. It’s not clear how accurate the study is, though. It seems to be based solely on how the owners of the robotic dogs responded to questions concerning how they feel about the metallic schnauzers. It’s no secret that people can bond with their robotic dogs, but that’s still a stretch from saying the actual impact is the same between robotic dogs and live ones.

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Comments on “Robotic Dogs Just As Comforting As Real Dogs?”

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dorpus says:

Dogs raise your blood pressure

I’m about to turn in an assignment tomorrow, analyzing NHANES data of over 20,000 Americans evaluated for blood pressure and social variables. Our analysis found that owning a dog raises heart rate by about 0.5 beats per minute, with a p-value of .01 and a variance inflation factor of 1.03.

In the interests of public health, people should get rid of their dogs. 😉

Or not. It’s likely an artifact correlated with personality, income, or other factors not recorded in the study.

Shelby says:

Re: Re: Dogs raise your blood pressure

You’re an idiot if you think you can get heartworms from a dog licking you. You MIGHT get an intestinal variety of parasite from a dog if they have recently licked their anus (where your head is located) and they have the larvae in their mouth area. Heartworms are transmitted by a intermediate carrier called the mosquito and only the mosquito can trasmit the heartworm larvae and then it has to go through another stage in the dog before it develops into heartworms. You get heartworms from mosquitos and yes cats carry them and people can get them FROM MOSQUITOS!

dorpus says:

Re: Re: Dogs raise your blood pressure

Or you’re an uneducated person who has a knee-jerk reflex of repeating the cliche that “correlation is not causation”. There is a complex art of showing that correlation, odds ratios, and other associations can, given sufficient supporting evidence, imply causation — but that is beyond the scope of techdirt.

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