Does Online Video Make Retailers Cooler Somehow?

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Last week we wrote skeptically about Amazon’s latest plan to have an online talk show that sounded like a thinly veiled (if veiled at all) attempt to get people to watch commercials disguised as interviews. Today comes the news that Wal-Mart, in an attempt to make itself seem “trendier” is going to launch its own special online videos that will include music acts performing as well as being interviewed. Apparently, today’s retailers think that having musicians talk about their music in an online video that no one will watch is the way to make yourself trendy.

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Comments on “Does Online Video Make Retailers Cooler Somehow?”

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Anonymous Coward says:


wal-mart and cool are exact opposites, cheap clothes and shitty food are not cool… just use the fucking money to lower the prices even more instead of pissing it away on some crappy show that nobody will watch.

“duuuude did you see last night’s episode of wal-mart?”

“uhm no and please stop talking to me…”

Dave says:

Dumb wallyworld

The only music that walmart carries is the crap that gets played on mtv and vh1 all the time, thus everyone already knows about them, so why do they think they need this dumb video podcast thing to be cool.

Plus, i’m not sure if everyone knows this, but you’d have to have a fairly good computer to watch these things, something that a lot of people do not have.

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