If UPN And The WB Merged, Would Anyone Notice?

from the maybe-not dept

It’s almost amazing that the two “other” networks, the WB and UPN made it this far. However, after struggling to pick up more than a couple of viewers, it appears that CBS (newly separated from Viacom) and Time Warner have decided the best way to deal with two networks no one watches is to merge them into one network no one watches, to be called “The CW.” Of course, having a bit of competition on TV isn’t a bad thing, but instead of just trying to go about things the old fashioned way (scrounging up some random sitcoms and dramas that would prefer to be on a bigger network), why aren’t they really trying to embrace the internet population to build buzz? Instead, it seems they’re going the traditional route of throwing in the towel by merging and pretending that someone else will deal with the problem of how to find viewers.

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Comments on “If UPN And The WB Merged, Would Anyone Notice?”

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VonSkippy says:


All 27 viewers will be gathering this Saturday at Denny’s. Jo Beth Mary Sue will be calling everyone for a RSVP (plus you know how Billy Bob Davy Ed at Denny’s gets upset if everyone orders the breakfast super ultra deluxe special and he’s not warned ahead of time). This time people, lets bring enough for a tip. Agenda to be announced.

A Funny Guy / The Poison Pen says:

No Subject Given

How interesting that one of the only places i look for for good decent intelligent people look down upon the only networks that are willing to take a chance with something new.

I would think that you folks would be interested in some of the programing that UPN and WB have placed before you in the past decade or so.

The modern Star Trek sagas
Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Stargate – a very popular show that cbs said would never fly…

and many others…..

you people are fools…

go back to watching your soaps and reality tv…

ZOMG CENSORED (user link) says:

Re: No Subject Given

To me the following applies:

X-Files waned after a few seasons, Stargate is now “Specialty TV” that only a few people watch (Firefly anyone?), Supernatural has everyone thinking they know about the occult, Buffy was eclipsed in yawn-inspiring scripts only by Angel, Smallville rapes Superman’s past and Star Trek is about as entertaining as a lecture on photosynthesis.

I don’t think I missed anything… Most mainstream television is about as entertaining as watching paint dry. There’s very few TV shows I even pay attention to that are on mainstream tv. Then again, this is all just my opinion, so feel free to disagree.

Trevor says:

Re: Re: Re: No Subject Given

That argument doesn’t hold water because there are many shows (and stars, like Ashley Simpson, for instance) that are absolutely useless but are shoved down our throats to the extent that they appear to be hits. That’s the plan…just keep playing it ’til there’s just nothing else to watch.

Just because they keep making “Survivor” doesn’t mean it’s any good.

Tyshaun says:

Re: Re: Commentors, you're missing the point!

Long Live NY1, and others…

I think we’re all mising the and focusing too much on the content of the channels and not so much on the focus of the article, using internet buzz to generate viewers for a struggling network.

I think it’s a nice idea, but my question to Mike would be how? Since there is no “central” place on the internet that everyone goes to, how do you generate buzz? Do you place some ads on prominent sites (that tends to just erk people), do you send out some people to “pose” as excited fans on forums? How do you do it?

As per the quality of shows on WB and UPN, I would offer up to you that most of us can find shows on network TV that are crappy. I personally liked Angel, thought it and Buffy created a whole genre of TV, it was campy and soap operaish, but wasn’t afraid to laugh at itself. However, I don’t like shows like Lost or American Idol, which get lots of viewers apparently. Whatever I do and don’t like, I think it’s my own opinion and wouldn’t stoop to calling other peoples opinions “Crap” like some people here have.

Come on people, let’s not turn this forum into another one of the garbage places where teenie boppers who can’t spell come to use words that mommy and daddy wouldn’t let them use!

Dave says:

Re: Re: Re: Commentors, you're missing the point!

Well, the article didn’t address “embracing the internet population” at all. That was something Mike inserted into the conversation. But you’re correct in asserting the larger picture, which is that the “internet population” is so nebulous and diverse that the idea of “embracing” it as a marketing strategy is difficult, if not downright impossible.

IMHO, it’s much more likely the opposite is true: that the internet population (or as much of it as possible) embraces a show, rather than the other way around, and that’s pretty much a hit-or-miss proposition. Who would have figured that shows like Buffy, Firefly, or even the Adult Swim block would have generated their own sizeable internet cult followings?

I also think that need networks like UPN and the WB, simply because they’re giving an opportunity to shows that wouldn’t fit into the major networks’ programming. They both stepped into the void left behind by Fox, which used to be the “edgy” network until it went mainstream.

But what do I know? My favorite show is “Good Eats.”

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:3 Well..

I only watch BSG and Rome (on HBO, which wont be back till 07), so that could not bother me any less. For the fans concerned over the loss of UPN, progenitor of various sci-fi shows, SciFi has picked up that role long ago.

One can only hope they take it as a chance to evolve somehow, and make CW viable.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: No Subject Given

this from a guy who probably watch’s American Idol and think the old women on Desperate Housewife’s are hot. Smallville, Buffy, Gilmore girls and Veronica Mars are much better then half the shows on NBC,ABC,CBS, FOX but they have a bigger audience to get bad ratings it then a small audience with good ratings. and dont say the Desperate Housewife women are good and hot they lost a award when they had 4 of the 5 nominations to a star of a great Showtime show ‘Weeds’ Mary-Louise Parker

Dave says:

Re: No Subject Given

the “major networks” would be hard-pressed to come up with a two-hour block better than the WB’s Gilmore girls & Supernatural on Tuesday nights.

As for “embracing the internet population”, that’s a fairly nebulous proposition with little real meaning. I’m sure every network head at the majors has seen a powerpoint presentation on “Embracing The Internet Population”, and they all have fine websites, fan forums, and that stuff. However, the best website ever won’t make me want to watch the stuff ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC are shoveling at us.

Anonymous Coward says:


i still love smallville 😉

but i dont think stargate was ever on either of those, it was on fox, now its on sci-fi, also my fav actors (mcguiver!) aren’t on it anymore and they have turned it into more of a sci-fi channel funked show (with stock sci-fi channel actors) which i no longer really like… but for like 7 seasons it was pure gold! pure gold jerry!!

also smallville rules, its getting better and better every season

neptune612 says:

Mainstream TV

I thought the title of this article was hilarious, but then again I am not the mainstream TV type. I agree that a lot of what is on TV is crap. HBO does TV right, but they have TONS of money.

As soon as they start paying for good shows that can reach out to many different demographics these networks will put out “specialty” niche stuff.

But the answer to the question of the hour is NO. Nobody will notice! We will just have one less local channel to surf through. Boohoo!!!

Look at what works on Network TV. News, 24, West Wing, Commander in Chief (for some), ER, random comedy shows and Reality Crap!!! These shows make up about 2% of the shows on network TV. Most people eat the rest of the crap up and they love it. For those who don’t they go do/watch something else.

Who cares what is or is not on TV, we have little control over it anyway. Take FOX for example. They get something good and then cancel it as was previously mentioned.

As for all the arguing what is good or not, give it a rest. They are opinions! Everyone wins. Go back to degrading others and showing you “pwn” others on other boards and move on to the next topic.

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