Disney, Pixar Finally Seal The Deal

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Disney has finally agreed to buy Pixar for $7.4 billion, with Steve Jobs gaining a seat on the Disney board. As much as this is about Disney significantly enhancing its animation business, it’s about getting access to Jobs, who can help the company negotiate new technologies — although that could create some conflicts of interest with his role at Apple. Disney’s late transition to computer-generated animated movies from hand-drawn ones could be seen as symptomatic of its failure to adequately adapt to and seize on advancing technology. The price it’s paid for Pixar may be high, but it’s hoping ready access to Jobs will make it worthwhile.

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Comments on “Disney, Pixar Finally Seal The Deal”

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Posterlogo says:

gimme a break.

the naysayers here are hardly in the majority. when toy story came out, it was one of the most beautiful movies i’d ever seen. i’ve loved pretty much all the movies that have come out of pixar. monster’s inc was fantastic. any animated movie, digital or otherwise, is only as good as the story it tells. the pixar movies and shorts have all been guided by tight, creative storylines, and as such have been extremely successful. the high quality doesn’t hurt either. hand drawn animated movies have failed recently because many of them look like they were made for saturday morning cartoons and the stories were terrible or too childish. i can’t believe even the one or two of you who would pick those over pixar’s creations.

the only thing i’m sad about is that the company behind those recent crappy movies, disney, is the one acquiring pixar. that is most unfortunate. i hope they don’t drive pixar into the ground like they did their own animation business by pandering to the straight-to-dvd sequel crowd.

Andrew Matt Ricktson says:

No Subject Given

Whoever thinks that computer animated movies sucks have to be close minded morons. It’s like saying, when the wright brothers tested the first plane “what a crappy piece of machinery, it doesn’t even fly 100 feet”.

I’ve been seeying a humongous improvement in the quality of Comp animated films, think about it… if you don’t like it right now… wait, don’t talk… just hold on. This plane might not be “on your stardards” flying already at 1000 feet, but let me tell you something that you haven’t even noticed, this ship is already on the moon.

BTW, the simpsons are a great drawn animation don’t get me wrong. BUT, we are talking about the future, NOT something that has been used for more than 80 years. Wake up, open your eyes and realize the pixel.

gwashington1732 says:

Re: No Subject Given

First of all, the way you write, you have no right calling anyone else a moron. You should have learned to write in full and complete sentences, oh, back in about the fifth grade, hopefully earlier. And about the same time you should have learned how to spell and use your singulars and plurals. “Seeying”? I don’t quite know how you managed to wing that one. At least the W in Wright brothers needs to be capitolized, the B can be, but doesn’t need to be, necessarily. And your tense and number problems are just irritating. So, maybe next time, you’ll proofread before you call someone else a moron.

Second, who compares an airplane to art? That just stupid, and, eighty years! That’s a long time! Never minding the art forms that have been around for thousands of years that people still do and people still like. It has nothing to do with advancement or the future, it has to do with what requires the least amount of work, theleast amount of time, and the least amount of money, and still manages to bring in flocks of children. Don’t even pretend that it’s anything else. Stupid

Greedy Media Companies Like Disney/Pixar. says:

It’s sad but true, Computer Animation is replacing real actors. Has anyone noticed, there are more and more computer animated movies appearing these days?? Don’t persue a degree in acting (you’ll die of starvation and become homeless)…the computer has just replaced real actors with computer generated drones.

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