Blame It On The Internet

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An official in a Malaysian state says 20 percent of its employees use government computers to surf the internet, and it’s apparently one of the main causes of poor productivity there. It’s always funny how employers — anywhere in the world — find it easier to just throw blame at something for workers’ poor performance, rather than truly question the real causes. The internet isn’t making these people slack off, and if they didn’t have it, they’d spend their time reading magazines or taking coffee breaks or something. The internet’s just a time-killer for these employees, and what’s keeping them from doing their work is a lack of motivation, not the endless possibilities offered by a broadband connection and Google.

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Comments on “Blame It On The Internet”

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Tyshaun says:

Corporate Trust

Well, the company can always throw more spyware on their boxes and pay people to monitor other peoples surfing. Seems like a waste of money though!

Seems to me a more reasonale solution is to set up performance goals for people, if they are meeting the performance standards you set, who cares if they surf the web or not?

This arguement is almost like why so many companies are still leary of telecommuniting. The bottom line really is if you don’t trust your employees, get different ones.

? says:

While I agree, for the most part....

Bad employees will always be bad. But there do appear to be some good employees who may lack the self discipline to be productive when given too much freedom in the work place.

I have been in places where fellow employes just surf the web all day, but were really quite good at their jobs before the access was granted to them. And when it gets taken away, many of them see the problem, and become good employees again (though some just completely failed).

Guse says:


I surf at work but I also work at work, when there is work to do. My job description states 40% is research. So I try to keep surfing work related, but then you start stretching your defination of work related and then it gets personal. Somedays when I have tons to do, internet is a break. Believe me please, I would much rather be working than surfing at work. That’s why it’s called work and that’s why i’m here.

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