Alaska Officials Won't Turn Over Diebold Voting Files

from the proprietary-data dept

The saga of Diebold continues, this time in a different state. According to Slashdot, a group has requested the data from voting machines in Alaska to examine them for problems, but Diebold is refusing, saying the data format is a trade secret. The company has volunteered to convert the data to something like Excel, but there are concerns that in transferring, important information will be lost. As some e-voting reform advocates point out, it’s a bit silly for Diebold to claim that their file format is a trade secret, as it’s been revealed in other states and on some websites as well. Either way, shouldn’t it be a concern to everyone that our voting records are being held in some sort of proprietary data format and cannot be revealed? You would think it should be a requirement that at least the data format is open.

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Comments on “Alaska Officials Won't Turn Over Diebold Voting Files”

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Keith A. says:

Re: Alaska

What? oil revenues, China??????? Way to start off on an intelligent foot…….let’s make a rash generalization about a place we have never been and who’s citizens we have never met. NICE. Very topical to. I tend to agree with the OTHER poster, voting machines and their code should be transparent to the voters. By blocking requests at every turn, Diebold is creating problems for itself and fueling speculation of fraud.

Alaric says:

Enough with Diebold

Diebold’s evasive and undemocratic behavior continues. What are they hiding? Their “proprietary micracle” code? I don’t buy it.

This is company’s behavor makes clear the need for transparent voting software or preferably a return to paper ballots.

The results of their continual refusal to comply with reasonable and democratic guidelines means they should be banned from selling E-voting or any other voting machine in this country (and hopefully every other country).

Strike three diebold. Its time to kick these clowns out.

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