When Selling Cocaine, Putting Up An Online Ad Not Recommended

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We all know just how easy it is these days to put up an advertisement for just about anything these days, thanks to things like Google’s AdWords program, but that doesn’t mean you should advertise absolutely anything. At least that’s the lesson one drug dealer learned when he put up an online ad offering to sell cocaine. The ad, which included the dealer’s phone number, was quickly spotted by police, who called him, and proceeded to arrest him after buying some cocaine from him. Unfortunately, the article doesn’t say where he was advertising and who allowed him to put up an ad for cocaine, as that would be quite interesting as well.

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Comments on “When Selling Cocaine, Putting Up An Online Ad Not Recommended”

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Yonatron says:

Re: I Didn't Know That....

I see ads for drugs fairly often in philadelphia.craigslist.org ‘s “Casual Encounters” section. Usually they’re trading-drugs-for-sexual-favors ads, but sometimes it’s straight up drugs-for-sale. This is absolutely against CL’s policy, but I guess with all the other rule-breaking that goes on there, the staff often don’t get around to removing the drug ads. And nobody else seems to flag.

Maybe the staff wants people that dumb to get caught. I think the War on Drugs is ridiculous, but it is kinda hard to sympathize with these people..

Andrew Strasser (user link) says:

Can you say dumb ass attack.

If you don’t know the person you’re selling to you shouldnt be selling to them. There are a number of good places to scout people like this and there are a number of places that people look for things like this. I’m sure the cops know most if not all and I wouldn’t go into details anyway as that’s not the sort I am. I am however an avid supporter of Homegrown.

Grown by Americans, Smoked by Americans and terroists aren’t gettin our loot that’s a Guarantee we’s a bit to greedy to support anything stupid like that.

Use your head people there is a satellite over your head every second of every day. Believe that and live by it. Walls don’t matter they can know everything you do and it’s the ones on-line that can look at the satellite images and search for your screw-up. With Bush’s new you have no privacy in the United States anymore the cops have decided they don’t need search warrants for anyone. Breaking in people’s houses stealing their money and doing illegal search and seizures. That’s my neck of the woods.

joe says:

it is not the coca that is the sick and evil thing
the shamans used coca to enter the spirit world
it is certain criminals that may not care about what they destroy in the enviroment or what they do to other innocent people and beautiful people gods people
it is government injustice and persecution
masking itself as the good guy who helps destroy so much of nature and it”s natural and beautiful plants
the coca plant is a part of god as nature is also a part of god
the coca plant is special secretive and spiritual and magical that is the truth
that does also mean that it must be processed and devoled by the most greatest professinals and not lowlife who do not even care about the expertise and great quality that they are in fact putting out
the devil trys to get his hands into evrthing of course cocaine is not excluded from the wrong people or evil spirits or the devil shall we call him
and before you even think to consider to try and pass me off as someon who is off balance how much do you really know abouy cocaine or nature or the spirt realms even ?hhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm>……..well cocaine or coca in its most natural forms is not somthing that should be abused no your right about that have you ever even seen a ghost sprit or entity? how much do you really even know about the secrets of the buddist monks or how much about german shepards and wildcats [he he]please try to find the purest and best quality of cocaine you can fill the needle with 20 units of the powder and make sure the needle gets into your vain ;;;;;;;;;;;;just make up your mind though not to ever abuse cocaine enjoy it maybe four times a year smoke the purest crak cocaine you can find put don”t get hooked up into o.k do not let it harm your family or finances or even your health

lili says:


Well bloody hell!
It’s ok for you guys… I live in rural Wales. There are barely any houses or people here, let alone dealers – and only daffodils and sheep grow in this climate.

I’ve been looking on line to buy. Only sites I could find asked for cr. card details before they even gave prices! Dodgy ot what (sigh).
Still… it was a bit damn stupid to…erm… MEET the police?
I guess he was high!

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