Would You Trust A Security Report That Was Trying To Sell Ads?

from the just-wondering dept

Yes, advertising is everywhere these days, and it’s only going to get worse. The latest is that a security firm who is going to release a report on a well publicized security flaw is offering to sell advertising in that report. It’s not really that surprising, but it may raise questions about how trustworthy the report is. The firm now has every incentive to make the analysis more sensational in an effort to drive more impressions.

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Comments on “Would You Trust A Security Report That Was Trying To Sell Ads?”

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Daniel (profile) says:

Re: Whatever


And on topic, I can’t really blame them for putting in advertising, its more the hyping up that annoys me, these “security firms” like to make their own news, just like some popular UK Newspaper journalists sneaking a box marked “bomb” into Parliament … when companies/newpapers start making their own breaking-super-important-life-altering-news you know its not with the time to read.

cory (user link) says:

Security advertising

Well the issue with the security company trying to sell ad is not to far fetched, its the way to go these days and everyone is able to do this…So it does not surprise me … Oh by the way valentines is coming up dont I know we all wanna splurge!? but dont forget to search for good deals try cheapvalentineroses.com under flowers

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