New Study Says Cell Phones Don't Raise Cancer Risk

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The question of whether or not mobile phones cause cancer has been widely debated in medical journals — and in the courts. But British researchers have completed the largest-ever study on the matter, concluding that mobile phone usage doesn’t increase the chance a person will develop the most common type of brain tumor. Most of the studies have found no increased risk of brain cancer, but given the relatively short time people have had phones, the long-term effects remain uncertain.

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Comments on “New Study Says Cell Phones Don't Raise Cancer Risk”

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Deadly Risk says:

i know a FIVE people with Brain Tumors from cell phones – some died already – yes people die from this – but are many doctors saying anything? Are many doctors reporting how many are dying form this? Why? because they dont want to be in court fighting the cell phone industry who has billion$. So what if they have billions, Truth always wins. See through the lies and find out the real facts. Theres tons of material out there that shows the evidence be sure its not funded by the cell phone industry

dorpus says:

Steering Wheels As A Leading Industrial Killer

Since car companies cannot sell cars without steering wheels, the pressure is on steering wheel makers, of which there is a limited supply. Because steering wheel makers use recycling systems for emulsified machine oil/water mixtures, a type of mycobacterium has grown extremely well inside these recycling systems, causing a serious problem over the past decade with mass lung poisonings of steering wheel factory workers. Even advanced sterilization and steam cleaning has not prevented the mycobacterium from taking over factories within hours after cleaning. The psychological impact of toxic bacteria contaminating factories is great, causing a lot of problems for the auto industry.

Or so I’m learning in my occupational medicine class — bizarre occupational hazards you never heard of. Last week we learned about deadly beryllium toxins in our cell phones.

Joe Snuffy says:

Re: Steering Wheels As A Leading Industrial Killer

What the hell are you talking about? A paragraph about steering wheels and a pair of sentences about phones? It’s always good to learn something new i.e. bacteria in the work place, but sometimes you should just keep that info for yourself.

Back to the point of this story, or at least a sidebar, cell phones don’t cause sparks/fires while pumping your gas eigther (thank you MYTHBUSTERS). goes to show what happens when someone getws a crazy, untested/proven idea and runs with it.

Rikko says:

Re: brain cancer?

The phone is also in a pretty passive mode when it’s in your pocket so the low level radiation coming off it doesn’t compare.. Same reason I can have my phone in my pocket for two weeks but only at my head for about two hours before the battery gives out. Phones in standby are also transmitting and receiving *very* infrequently by comparison.

Back to the point of this story, or at least a sidebar, cell phones don’t cause sparks/fires while pumping your gas eigther (thank you MYTHBUSTERS). goes to show what happens when someone getws a crazy, untested/proven idea and runs with it.

I thought they had those policies so people would pay attention to what they were doing while they were filling up?

Anonymous of Course says:

Re: Re: brain cancer?

There is a lot to learn about the effects of electromagnetic
fields applied biological processes. The common approach to
epidemiological studies assume a linear relationship between
dose and effect. But the effects of EM fields fall into
amplitude and frequency windows. I believe this is a result
of their influence on protein folding. In any case, the effect
on intercellular calcium ion transport is well known.
I wouldn’t rush to a conclusion either on either side of the
issue yet. Be prudent, limit your exposure.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: absolutely true

This might be right, but every time that i have to speak on the phone I always have the feeling that something is happening to me.

You are correct in the fact that cell phones do do something to you – they increase your age. Cells phones increase your age by a matter of 1 minute per every 1 minute that you are using them. Several studies on this topic have been done and the results all point to this being the absolute truth!

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