NASDAQ Computer Error Screws Up Stock Price Listings

from the you-still-can't-afford-google dept

Computer problems at the Nasdaq led to incorrect stock quotes being displayed on major financial news sites, after a glitch caused the wrong closing prices to be posted for a number of NYSE-listed stocks on Wednesday. This means that investors may have seen quotes showing certain stock prices to be up, when they were actually down, and vice versa. This isn’t the first time computer problems at the Nasdaq have caused problems. There’s growing interest among major stock traders in developing alternative trading platforms to hedge against the Nasdaq and the NYSE raising fees as the market shrinks into a duopoly following buyouts by the two of electronic trading networks; more technology problems at the two giants could hasten moves away from them.

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Comments on “NASDAQ Computer Error Screws Up Stock Price Listings”

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Lithium Lotus says:

Good thing too.

I rather hope those greedy nits go to blows over this. I think nothing would be more entertaining that the brokerage houses, versus NASDAQ vs. NYSE stock market free for all. Long term benefit could be more “personal” stock business happening.
Wonder who will try to build an electronic trading system first? hey, where is google??

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