Brits Like Watching Mobile TV… At Home

from the like-radio-but-with-pictures dept

The results of two mobile television trials in the UK have been released this week, and like previous efforts, they’re being spun to raise the level of hype surrounding the services ever higher. There’s plenty of reason to question the stats, but one number stands out in particular: the most popular place to use the service in one of the trials was at home. That alone seems to be enough to make the rest of the numbers suspect — if a satellite TV provider gave a bunch of people free service, they’d probably watch it and say they loved it too. The other trial showed that people are more interested in digital radio than TV on their mobile phones, but never mind — one analyst says that within 3 years, about 85% of the entire population of the UK will be watching TV on their phones, and paying $10 a month for it.

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