China's Gaming Time Limit Just For Kids

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Last summer, we wrote about China’s plans to limit the amount of time people could spend playing online video games by requiring companies to make the gameplay less fun after three hours, and by five hours have the player’s ability “severely limited.” As you might imagine, a bunch of gamers were pretty annoyed by this and responded angrily (must be all that aggression from video games). So, a bit surprisingly, China has backed down. The video game time limit will only apply to those under 18. Meanwhile, a kid in the US is under his own similar video game time limit after doctors determined that his regular video gaming was leading to unstoppable head twitches — though, that seems like a fairly uncommon occurrence.

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Comments on “China's Gaming Time Limit Just For Kids”

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dorpus says:

Will it stay uncommon?

Ten years ago, most physicians said that back or arm injuries from computer use were “extremely rare”, and “shouldn’t happen” to young people. Today, it is common. They also said that Type II “adult onset” diabetes “cannot” happen to young people. It is common today, throughout the world.

As our lifestyles change, “extremely rare” conditions will become common, while previously common conditions will become extremely rare.

Ben McNelly (user link) says:

No Subject Given

5 hours of anything is probably too much, but some of us sit infront of a computer screen for more than that a day at work, just go home and play games on tv/pc pay the bills and do ebay oline, watch our favorite shows and maybe a movie before bed…

– That said, we all have different lifestyles, but solid game play for 5+ hours is proabably pushing it. However, I dont think the government should do anything about it. I mean, other than piss people off, it wont acomplish much. People will just find a way around it, on top of being annoyed. I can only immagine some of our lan parties if the xbox guys could only get in 5 or 6 hours non-stop before it crapped out… they would be prety unhappy I think.

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