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Entering Internet Contests As An Alternative To Smoking?

from the keep-yourself-busy dept

When people stop smoking, they often suggest you pick up some other habit, so you have something to do when you would normally be out taking a smoke break. For one man, who was told he had six months to live (over five years ago) if he didn’t stop smoking, that meant turning to internet contests. Apparently, every morning, instead of lighting up, he goes online and enters 12 to 15 contests. At that rate, it’s no surprise that he’s won a thing or two over the years. Though, what may be more interesting than the fact that he plays so many contests, is the trouble he’s had claiming some of the prizes he’s won. It seems like some of the big companies who run these contests don’t always pay up — or when they do, it’s not what was originally promised. What’s not clear, though, is how he finds these contests, and how he knows they’re trustworthy. Plenty of these contests are really designed to just get your email address for spam purposes.

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