Unintentially Geeky Joke In Apple's Share Price

from the groan dept

Unless you’re the sort of person who immediately recognized why the folks at Google originally sought to raise $2,718,281,828 in its IPO, you might want to just pass over this story. A reporter at News.com noticed an extremely unintentional inside joke with Apple’s closing share price today. On the very day the company officially announced its first Intel-based product, Apple’s stock price closed at $80.86. If you don’t get it, it’s time to read up on your computer history. No, there is no way at all that this was intentional. However, that doesn’t make it any less amusing.

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Comments on “Unintentially Geeky Joke In Apple's Share Price”

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anonymo says:

Re: Re: Re:2 Prepare to die.

Now how does a loser bitching about respective sites tell you that he’s a guy (likely, but not certain) who likes other guys?

Oh I get it, you’re a maturity-challenged, uncertain -of-his-sexuality loser teen (although you could be in your early twenties who thinks “fag” “gay” and “homo” are insults….

hautedawg says:

Re: Re: Re:3 Prepare to die.

Those of us who are comfortable with our sexuality, who go to the store to by our ladies sanitary needs, obviously are puzzled by some low IQ oxygen thief trying to be clever and using derogatory terms in order to garner attention. I do feel pity for you my confused and latent friend. It is folks like yourself that give us straight people a bad name. Perhaps you should go back behind the barn and play with your siblings.

George (user link) says:

Re: No Subject Given

No, somehow I’m quite happe with the stock price where it is. Don’t think I wanna give up $15 per share for that novelty. Of course if we could make it go to 68000 cents, that’d be cool – both for the more correct number AND my stock portfolio.
And to those immature fledglings flaming about Digg, /. or whatever: Hush now, and take your bitching somewhere else! How can you get so worked up about a website? Who cares?

MakesMoreMoneyThanYou (user link) says:

Re: Digg Haters are Pretty Stupid

Why even post a comment ‘hating on’ http://www.digg.com users?

It’s just another link/news aggrigator and if you choose to use it so be it. I kinda like it and I’ve used Slashdot as well.

These comments by obvious mental-midgets downing one particular service or another need to end. Perhaps a minimum IQ to use the Internet is in order? 😛

George (user link) says:

Re: unintensional? why?

> All you have to do is have a group of investors agree that at the very last moment of trading, they will strike a deal at that amount per share. Bingo, free advertising.

Don’t be silly. Investors have other things on their minds than silly geek number games. Like profits, for example. So who would pay for such a “deal”? So much for “free” advertising…

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