Mobile TV Is All Over The Place… And That's Not A Good Thing

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As if the mobile TV space doesn’t have enough issues to deal with, MIT’s Tech Review points out another big one. On top of paying a lot of extra money to view broadcast TV on a tiny screen, every mobile operator offers different programs. Since it’s unlikely that very many people (with the possible slight exception of the few people who sign up for ESPN’s expensive new mobile service) pick their mobile operator based on what TV programs are available from that provider, most people are simply stuck with whatever’s there. The Tech Review piece provides a handy guide showing what operators offer what, where you learn that, basically, you’re good to go across the board if you’re into watching The Weather Channel on the go. Otherwise, it’s a mixed bag. Of course, now that there are new devices that will let you simply watch your own TV on your mobile device without paying an extra $10 to $15/month to your mobile operator, it might shake up that market a bit.

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