Online Game Shows How Accountants Would Save Record Labels

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Well, it’s Friday, so here’s a decent Friday time-wasting post. We’ve heard of all sorts of bizarre marketing attempts online, and we’ve seen lots of organizations use video games to try to market a product. Hell, even the US Army is doing it. But, did you ever expect a bunch of accountants to put together their own online role-playing game? The Raw Feed points us to The Turnaround Game, created by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), where you get to play the role of the hotshot CPA who has to go in and save a flailing record label from its skyrocketing costs and nasty MP3 pirates. The game is a bit silly (I stopped after one level) and includes a crack about only suing 12-year-olds and grandmothers (hmm, wonder where that came from) — but proceeds on a fairly obvious path. Accountants are wonderful people, and we’re thrilled with the two that we’ve had help us with Techdirt over the years, but “playing accountant” just isn’t that exciting, especially when put in the cliche world of a record label working on a silly project. In fact, if you had to guess what a game created by accountants would be like, you probably have a pretty good idea of how this game works. Everything is pretty much “by the book.” However, if you’ve got some time to kill today, go try to save the record label, you hotshot CPA-wannabe.

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Comments on “Online Game Shows How Accountants Would Save Record Labels”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Don't you get it?

Accountants aren’t going to go out of business. They may have to get new jobs, but the record labels are the only ones looking at their whole business model going away. Somebody will replace the RIAA companies, most likely it will be services similar to iTunes and Starbucks’ build your own CD kiosks. Anyone who figures out how to make money selling music is going to need accountants.

Andrew Strasser (user link) says:

It would be awesome if they could do that with...

Here are a few more like those though there are quite a few lemonaid shops and what not about.

Airport Tycoon, Railroad Tycoon and this other Marketing game that literally taught you everything you needed to know to get you MBA practically. Unfortunantly I can’t remember the name and try using any search engine as a back-up brain for marketing and game…

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