Update On Battery Advancement… Not Much New To Report

from the bottlenecks... dept

Power is increasingly an issue for all these mobile devices you’re expected to own these days, and every once in a while we see yet another story about advancements in battery technology. The latest story? There’s basically nothing new to report at all. Everyone’s looking, but the advancements remain incremental. Meanwhile, other types of advancements that promised to help haven’t done very much either. Fuel cells have yet to prove anything, and for various reasons may never get as far as fuel cell believers predict. In the meantime, it seems like looking at other issues, such as decreased power consumption and faster charges may be more fruitful short-term pursuits. However, if this proliferation of gadgetry continues, there needs to be some kind of real breakthrough.

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Comments on “Update On Battery Advancement… Not Much New To Report”

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Tyshaun says:

The Heat is on!

I wish more research is carried out in lower power consumption devices, if for nothing else, the heat generated from the wasted energy is really annoying. My laptop actually causes my lap to burn and my cell phone can actually act as a hands warmer after a long use. I know that a lot of that heat is wasted power given off in the form of heat. Maybe we can do a better job developing devices with less impedence and more efficient power utilization, before we have to start distributing asbestos gloves with laptops (or water cooling kits).

nihilist00 says:

Re: No Subject Given

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Ben McNelly (user link) says:

nothing to see here... move along

Ok, so you would admit your writing an artical to say that there is an artical supposed to be about news, but theres realy no new news, so its kind of pointless…. ah, like writing an artical with no real news, unless no news is news???

not trolling, just trying to understand. If we must talk about batteries, even though nothing has realy changed, I agree… Its about time someone invinted a better battery. I will put it on my to-do list. Happy?

FrederVefr (user link) says:

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