More Calls For A Real Comprehensive Spectrum Policy

from the about-time dept

For quite some time, we’ve been saying that the FCC should stop its somewhat ad hoc method of dealing with spectrum issues and finally come out with a comprehensive spectrum allocation policy — preferably one that creates a more open market for spectrum by letting the market decide what the spectrum is good for, rather than having the FCC just assign it. Of course, not much has been done, despite the administration announcing some bad ideas on spectrum allocation (basically: more bureaucracy) which have mostly been ignored, and now the US Chamber of Commerce is pushing for a more comprehensive spectrum policy as well, but it’s unlikely to lead to very much.

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Comments on “More Calls For A Real Comprehensive Spectrum Policy”

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1 Comment
Andrew Strasser (user link) says:

The F.C.C. and frequencies.

There is so much red tape involved in this stuff it’s ridiculous. They are the highest paid attornies out there practically. To even try to send a digital sattelite signal you need a special frequency across town and half the time you wind up finding someone else on those same frequencies. Bartering for a frequency at 3 am with another engineer from another radio statio group is not fun.

There are pro’s and con’s to this basically whoever uses the most powerful signal I guess will be the winner in the end. It would take you a month literally to read half the laws that are associated with this and telecommunication… This system is really a ridiculous one, but to make a change of the F.C.C. completly You’d definatly have to pay a lot of attention to the current regulations when writing something like this. Between this and the telecom/phone system upgrades we should have these guys busy enough.

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