Online Only Content Companies Moving To Paper

from the reverse-trends? dept

As plenty of people are trying to figure out how newspapers can survive by moving increasingly online, it looks like some online publications are moving in the other direction — and jumping into the print magazine business. This isn’t new necessarily, but the pace seems to be increasing. Historically, though, most attempts by online companies to do print magazines has ended badly (and quickly). Still, the idea that’s finally getting across is that there’s no single “right” format — and today’s media companies need to look at multiple formats and methods for delivering their product. That doesn’t mean that all will succeed (or that any will succeed), but that if you’re a content provider there are a variety of ways to get your content delivered — and online text is just one format.

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Comments on “Online Only Content Companies Moving To Paper”

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Keir (user link) says:

Good point.

I’d consider myself at the front of the pack in regards to doing ‘everything’ online. I do most reading online too. But I’m glad to see your post, as it is a somewhat contrarian viewpoint, and I agree fully.

As much as I enjoy browsing my favorite sites (techdirt!) and RSS feeds, there is still nothing more enjoyable than sitting down with a cup of coffee and a newspaper in the morning. (And a ciggerette too maybe?)

I too agree that both mediums will remain popular for some time, although I suspect printed pages will become similar to 35mm photography, wherein it is cherished for the very fact that it is an ‘ancient art’.

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