UK Police Can't Get Computers To Share Info Until 2010

from the fire-the-programmers dept

Ah, we love a good story about a technology boondoggle. Remember the “revolutionary” $230 million computerized baggage claim system in Denver that, massively delayed the opening of the new airport there, but also was never really used before being shut down completely? It looks like the UK police may be working on something to rival that. Apparently, they’ve invested in a ~$290 million computer system to let police better share data — and the folks working on that project have just announced that, due to various problems, it won’t be ready until 2010 at the earliest. Also, it sounds like various other components are being scaled back and delivered late at the same time. Yes, we realize that building such a large computer system, and making sure that it’s secure, can be a complex task. However, taking five years seems a bit extreme. Not only does it raise questions about whoever is working on the project, it also makes you wonder just how obsolete the system will be by the time it actually rolls out.

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Comments on “UK Police Can't Get Computers To Share Info Until 2010”

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ZOMG CENSORED (user link) says:

Five Years?

Isn’t it basically 2006 now?

Also, you didn’t really hit the full point that it will be out “progressively” (which I highly doubt will be as effective as intended) from 2007-2010.

It’s not really all that horrible, I find it a bit reasonable seeing as they entirely underestimated the time it would take.

It’s still not as acceptable as it should be, but there’s some skewing going on. 😉

Curtis Edenfield says:

Technolgy bets that can't be backed up!!

Who’s to blame here? The I.T. department for saying they could build a system that could solve the cops communication problems or the management for believing such a hair brianed scheme!! I’ve seen this first hand with a system that routes and tracks in realtime city transportation system. The biggest problem was the main city contributer bought one system and the bus operator contractor supported a different system. While both where similar, they weren’t completely compatibal.

Maybe we should work within the bounds of what’s available and not what’s going to be built.

Cutting edge technolgy is exactly that, sometimes all the pieces don’t work together as planned.

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