No Room In MySpace For YouTube

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Well, it had to happen sooner or later. With all the silly hype around whatever it is you want to think Web 2.0 really is, much of it focused on the idea of various new services working well together. However, once the big media players started buying up the hyped up little companies, you knew there’d eventually be some sort of conflict over what was allowed. There was a lot of worry when Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp first picked up MySpace about how they would change the community. However, MySpace continued to thrive (even if the numbers don’t really add up) as News Corp., mostly left them alone. Unfortunately, it appears that the old controlling mindset is sneaking back in as a bunch of MySpace users have discovered that they can no longer integrate with YouTube, a popular video hosting site. It’s not entirely clear why this happened, but it does hint at some of the conflicts to come as more traditional media companies try to get their heads around the idea that what makes many of these new services useful is the fact that they avoid heavy handed control over what you can do — even if it seems somewhat competitive to what the media companies are trying to do themselves.

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Comments on “No Room In MySpace For YouTube”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:5 Careful whom you call a retard ---

As long as MySpace remains free, it’s cool with me. The only reason why I think people should use it at all, is to keep in touch with some old High School buddies who have disappeared from the face of the earth.

Other than that… it’s just a playground for people to lust after each other.

With regards to Facebook… it’s definitely not a bad system… but there are some minor kinks that annoy me. That and the fact that there’s little to no customization (at least from the last time I checked).

If I weren’t so damn lazy, I’d set up my own page, but for now I’m plenty content with using Xanga.

hot babe youll never get says:

Re: Good...

my space may be a popularity contest for some
but arent the majority of people idiots any ways?
you cant just exclude everyone not on my space

and by the way
its a good site for networking and finding old friends across the whole damn world
dont be jelous if you dont have n e one to look for
or anyone looking for you.

samantha young says:

Re: You fucktards....

oh my god… you people are sooo dumb. don’t you have anything better to do then talk crap about myspace? I mean seriously, if you hate it so much, keep it to yourself, its not like you have to warn the world about how much you hate it… but what ever. myspace is cool. it allows you to pick out stuff you like, put it all together, and veiw what your personality actually looks like virtually. It’s awesome! I don’t understand how you can say people on there are sooo “vain.” There are vain people all over the world in every day life, and it just so happens some of them have myspace. Every One has myspace for different reasons. whether it’s looking for and out of touch friend, or wanting to express yourself, or whatever. and yes i admit some people do it for the popularity, but those people do a lot of shit for popularity, so you shouldnt just single out a website for it. whatever. Bye People.

Doyle (user link) says:

Why anyway?

It sucks that companys try to control what you can do on these sites when its meant to be up to you what you do.

MySpace I have never got used too… I dont understand what the fuss is about.

I also do not see why people dont just setup there own blog… Its gree and easy and you get full control over it. Just use

sooooo annoying says:

No Subject Given

i got a myspace thing and upon learning how lame it was decided to try deleting it. I have sent three requests to get my thing deleted and every single time it said that it was going to send me an email with instructions on how to delete it AND IT STILL HASNT, that was 2 months ago i have just stopped logging on but i sure do wish i could delete it

girlys says:

Grow up u little arseholes

myspace rules you dicks

i bet u have myspace u just had no friends and noone commented your pictures so u said it was shit!

through myspace i have gotten in contact with loadsa old friends i have lost over the years so fuck the lot of you!

myspace whoring is summit i hate and think THAT is attention seeking

you only accept who u wanna talk to

if you add eveyone then dont talk to them what is the fucking point!?!?

if you dont like it boycot it u loosers but dont slag it off cause its fit!

i have found loadsa new amazing bands on myspace that i would neva have heard of otherwise so go fuck ur mum

act like it dont exsist dont get all shitty cause u dont have to care!

xxxxx lots of love xxxxxx

Tech Guy says:

There is a time and place for everything

I run a network at work, and after countless complaints from co-workers saying that this guy and that guy are fucking around on Myspace and not getting anything done – I blocked that shit too. You’re at school to get your learn on – and work to get your work on. Yeah I have a myspace account with about 19 CLOSE friends, not an attention whore by any stretch of the imagination; just save your whoring until you get home. This goes for Ebay, Google games, and Youtube… It was blocked for a reason, so get your ass back to work.

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