Online Shopping Empowers Procrastinators

from the fight-for-the-barbie dept

All the uproar over “Cyber Monday” — the Monday after Thanksgiving, when people supposedly rushed online at work to do holiday shopping — both about how it was a PR invention, and then that the actual date simply got screwed up has obscured the real truth about online holiday shopping: that it lets people procrastinate. A study says that people spent 29 percent more online last week than they did in the same week last year, spurred on by last-minute promotions and cheaper, faster shipping. It’s getting down to the last minute to get things in time for Christmas or the beginning of Hanukkah — so next week, expect to see a story about how well emailed gift certificates sold this week.

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Comments on “Online Shopping Empowers Procrastinators”

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ZOMG CENSORED (user link) says:

Email Eh?

“next week, expect to see a story about how well emailed gift certificates sold this week.”

I wish they could e-mail me a pony…

Actually, I’m in a sticky situation where I have to venture into the mall in order to get some last minute gifts tomorrow (payday schedule sucks). I’m sure there’s a few people like myself who’d rather avoid any rush and just use the net as a place to shop instead of fighting tooth and nail at a mall for the next hot gadget for their technophile buddy.

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