Not Going Public — Maybe The Bubble Isn't Fully Inflated Yet

from the wonders-never-cease dept

Last month we pointed to’s IPO filing as yet another sign of a potential bubble. After all, this was a Bubble 1.0 era company with plenty of questions about it, that still wasn’t profitable, trying to go public (for the second time) in the Bubble 2.0 era. However, it would appear that we haven’t reached the truly bubblerific stage yet, because has indefinitely postponed its IPO, citing (of course) current “stock market conditions” which is a really obvious euphemism for “our bankers couldn’t find anyone to buy our stock.” Considering the fact that major competitors like have seen their stock rise lately, the “market conditions” excuse seems particularly pathetic.

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Comments on “ Not Going Public — Maybe The Bubble Isn't Fully Inflated Yet”

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Beck says:

Good Site, Questionable Investment has always been reliable for me. Good service and good prices, often better than the other online regulars. Right now they are selling books at 10% less than the same book on Amazon.
All of this is good to see as a customer, but as an investor you’d have to wonder how they can ever provide a return on your investment.

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