More Class Action Lawsuits Against Sneaky Install Adware Firms

from the just-in-time-for-the-holidays dept

Just in time for the holidays, there’s been yet another class action lawsuit filed against a bunch of the more well known adware makers: 180solutions, DirectRevenue and eXact Advertising. Of course, there are already class action suits in progress against (at least) Direct Revenue and 180Solutions. While the end result of class action lawsuits rarely do much to help those actually harmed (the lawyers tend to make out nicely, though), we noted in the past that the class action suit against DirectRevenue was causing advertisers to bail out. The plaintiffs were sending subpoenas to those advertisers, and the last thing they wanted was to be a part of such a lawsuit, apparently. It’s an unintended effect, of course, but too many advertisers have hid behind pretend ignorance about what these adware firms were really doing with their surreptitious installs.

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Comments on “More Class Action Lawsuits Against Sneaky Install Adware Firms”

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Todd Potter says:

Class Action Lawsuits Against Sneaky Install Adwar

DirecTV was recently fined something like 5 million dollars because on of their marketing companies was ignoring “do not call” lists. Companies need to be held responsible for ANY “agent” acting on their behalf. This should also include any spammer emailing using “free $500 walmart card”, or “get a free ipod” etc etc etc.

Dennis Wilson says:

Class Action Suits against Sneaky Adware

I agree with your statement that this type of suit rarely compensates the victim in a fair and equitable manner. However, most of us cannot afford to fight these companies alone and in this case I support the class action suit. We need to stop these criminals. Especially the lastest one “SpyAxe” that is nothing more than organized crime. They attack your PC, then extort money to solve your problem. Sounds like a mafia type of thing to me.

Dave Hughes says:



If you are interested in suing the responsible parties involved in spyaxe’s illegal advertising campaign, please visit

The purpose of the blog is to ban together as victims and establish a group large enough to take significant legal action. We hope to persuade an attorney or firm to take our case pro bono, but we’re willing to do whatever it takes to bring down and all involved parties. Please spread the word to every forum you visit that mentions these malicious individuals.

THOMAS CORK (profile) says:


What about those sites that force you to view a add, like surf side kick. It seems they dont allow you to view the site without viewing the add. In some cases, even when your fed up and leave the site because of the adds that keep popping up, you get yet another ad that you must wait for before getting completely away… and a few of them that I have seen, try to trick you into thinking something is wrong with your computer, to download a bigger problem onto your computer. If you ask me I dont think they should be allowed to force advertiseing to the public, I know that I am definately not going to buy anything from a popup.

Landon says:

No Subject Given

I am glad to see that a point I submitted actually made it in the main article, the one about how victims are rarely compensated. I mean think about it, if someone calls you on the do not call list, and you report it to the goverment… If something actually does happen and that company does get sued, the money just goes to the government anyways. And I was actually going to this article in hopes of seeing somebody on the defensive side of these companies. I would just love to see them get ripped apart. But dont let that stop anyone from expressing your true opinions….

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