Sober Worm's Unexpected Good Result: Pedophile Convinced To Turn Self In

from the unintended-consequences... dept

Remember last month when the latest version of the Sober worm started making the rounds over email? The emails mostly looked to be from some sort of official agency (I saw FBI and CIA) claiming that they had been monitoring your visits to illegal sites and saying you should turn yourself in. Apparently, some guy in Germany believed them. Because of the worm email, he turned himself in for visiting child pornography sites. The police then went to his home and found the illegal material on his computer.

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Comments on “Sober Worm's Unexpected Good Result: Pedophile Convinced To Turn Self In”

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DV Henkel-Wallace says:

Real life!

One of our folks was quite concerned by getting one of these notes mainly because (in her case) she honestly thought it was 1> legit and 2> mistaken identity. She wanted to let me know so I could figure out who should have gotten it (and then what?)

At first I thought her concern was an elaborate joke but eventually realised she was sincere. Wonderful!

Mike Mixer says:

I wish I could stand out side his cell

This guy will obviously have to be isolated in his prison because he is too stupid to make it very long. I worked with a guy that was on probation for molesting a 5 yr old girl and he decided to steal money out of the safe one night when the manager left it open. He got away so clean he couldn’t be touched. He quit a few days later for a better job that he knew he was going to get when he took the money. He was home free.
When he went to his Probation Officer the next month after he took the money and broke down crying and confessing to the crime that nobody had any way of proving he did. Up till now that was the dumbest criminal I ever knew of. He got 18 months and had to restart all of his diversion classes which costed a ton all because he couldn’t stand getting away with the perfect crime.

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