Pokemon Causes Cancer

from the Nintendo-discovers-the-Streisand-effect dept

Dan writes “Scientists must stop calling a cancer-causing gene Pokemon as Nintendo has threatened legal action. Perhaps I’m giving the masses too much credit, however it is hard to believe anyone would confuse the name of a gene with their popular franchise. Unless, of course Nintendo agrees that their video games do in fact cause addiction and be classified as diseases. Interestingly, by taking legal action they are causing the headlines they are fighting to prevent.” The Streisand Effect at work.

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Comments on “Pokemon Causes Cancer”

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I like Pokemon says:

Re: I knew it!

Why don’t you like Pokemon? I’m 15 and still think it’s a great game. I am however only referring to the Red and Blue versions of the game. I don’t like any of the other games. What loser is going to sit around trying to collect all 400, or however many there are, pokemon. I also hate the show and all the merchendise (why can’t they have a flamethrower like Spaceballs does). But what I hate most of all is people saying Pikachu is cute. HE IS NOT CUTE! Seriously, it really pisses me off to hear someone say Pikachu is cute. I want Pikachu to use thunderbolt on anyone who says he is cute. Since when are frigging killing machines cute.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:3 I knew it!

Seriously, in all open mindedness, the original Pokemon was a great game. It had many facets of a good RPG, although the story was kind of lame. There was customizing, leveling up, collecting, random battles… it’s a damn shame they then tailored it to little kids when it could have been more mature. (PS: I’m 21, have a full time career, wife, and child. So I am not some 12 year old justifying his lonely nights in front of a gameboy)

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