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Microsoft Granted 1-Click Pausing Patent

from the because-we-needed-more-clicking-patents dept

theodp writes “Christmas has come early to Microsoft. After a 12-year battle with the USPTO, the software giant has been granted a patent for Pausing television programming in response to selection of hypertext link, an invention which ‘enables a viewer to arbitrarily pause a television program, access a computer network such as Internet, explore the content available at the viewer’s leisure and then resume viewing the program at any time without missing any of it.’ Handling the patent for Microsoft was Rick D. Nydegger, Chair of the USPTO’s Patent Public Advisory Committee.” It would seem like this is the sort of thing that Tim Lee was just talking about. It’s a software patent on an idea so obvious that most people wouldn’t even bother thinking about it. If you’re going to include an interactive functionality within a video where someone would click on something, of course you’d want to pause the video playback when someone clicked.

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Comments on “Microsoft Granted 1-Click Pausing Patent”

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discojohnson says:

No Subject Given

i think this is more of a societal problem in that if MS doesn’t patent it someone else will and then there would be a problem for MS. i agree it’s a messed up practice, but businesses are forced to keep the practice going to protect themselves from trolls. it’s going to keep going this way (and probably to a degree we haven’t yet thought of) until the patent office is changed.

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