It's All A Matter Of Perception

from the jedi-mind-trick dept

A bank company in the UK is removing clocks from its branches to make it harder for people to complain about long waits. The bank says it’s taking the clocks out because a survey said they weren’t something customers thought would “enhance their banking experience,” but one employee is quoted as saying it simply makes it easier to dismiss customer complaints about how long they’ve been in line. No word on if customers will soon have to check their watches at the door, too.

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Comments on “It's All A Matter Of Perception”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: I remember ...

Our local DMV solves this problem by having everyone take a timestamped ticket… AFTER you stand in the primary line for about 2-3 hours. Then they serve you by the tickets and collect the “waiting time” data — which of course shows that “everyone is served within 30 minutes” as required by the legislature. Always remember “Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics!”

melancolico catrin (user link) says:

Confiscating is next, after that...

Confiscating your watch is next, after that they will attempt the Jedi mind trick, if that still doesn’t work they have already arranged to use any of the many “secret” CIA prisons all over Europe to help you forget about your problems…

CIA Dispatcher: “What?!?! Somebody is complainning about delays at your bank?! A black van will be at your location in 2 minutes to sanitise it. Have a nice day.”

Tim (user link) says:

No Subject Given

My experiences of the Natwest and RBoS (owners of the group including the Natwest) is that they suck for customer-service, or indeed having a clue at all.

How can I fill in a paying-in slip to accompany a cheque when there’s no clock to say what today’s date is?

(Well, my current financial establishment of choice doesn’t use paying-in slips, so that’s not a problem any more, I guess.. 🙂

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