Carpal Tunnel Not Caused By Computer Usage

from the though-it-may-still-cause-pain dept

For years, it’s been drilled into all of us that sitting at a computer all day (especially with bad ergonomics) increases your risk of carpal tunnel syndrome. Now, instead, we’re being told that a new study shows heavy computer use has nothing to do with carpal tunnel. However, it’s not all good news. In fact, it’s not good news at all. Heavy computer usage can cause repetitive stress injuries… they’re just not called carpal tunnel. In other words, the pain is still real. It just changed names.

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Comments on “Carpal Tunnel Not Caused By Computer Usage”

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ehrichweiss says:

Re: Re: No Subject Given

If we should be drinking human milk then shouldn’t we also eat human eggs?!?!?

People who need lactaid, etc. would need it for human milk too because after a certain age they lost the enzyme that digests lactose which is also present in human milk. I however am all for women baring their breasts for some milking..heh.

We drink cow’s milk because it tastes good and has some degree of nutrition for most of us. We eat beef, pork and chicken(and their eggs) because they taste good. Nothing wrong with that any more than it is to look at a piece of art and enjoy it. BFD.

Jim Fixx promoted running and healthy living and promptly died at an early-ish age while running. We might ought to be eating more salads and finding a way to get less fat in our diets but considering that starvation is all over the world, bitching about what other people eat or drink is just retarded. Rats might be bad for you but if it’s the best thing you got…

To (badly) quote Chris Rock “Some people say red meat will kill ya….red meat will kill ya. Shit, GREEN MEAT will kill ya. If you’re fortunate enough to get your lips wrapped around a steak, eat the shit outta that m—-f—-r”

Topher3105 (profile) says:

Carpal Tunnel overrated

I develop software for a living and have never suffered the problems of carpal tunnel, or any repetitive stress injury.
People that experience this seriously need to consider how they use a keyboard and figure out a way to use it better.
Frequently, people pound on the keys when a light touch is all that is necessary. Some older keyboards require more force, so invest $20 in getting a new one with feather touch keys. Also, some people tense up and feel they need to type at 80 – 100 wps bursts, if you relax and type at a slower and consistent rate, your output will actually improve especially if you frequently take your hands off the keyboard to run strained tendons. Taking a break every 30 – 60 minutes will also do wonders.
Investing in a good keyboard is always most beneficial. If your company is too cheap to get that expensive $80 Microsoft Natural Keyboard, buy your own and bring it to work. This is what you do for a living, no company can tell you you can’t be comfortable and safe at work. I have been using the Natural Keyboard for over 6 years and can safely say its the number one reason I don’t experience wrist pain. You wouldn’t build a house using a shoe to hammer in nails, so why should you use inferior computer components to get the job done, especially if they will cause you pain in the end.

s says:

Re: Carpal Tunnel overrated

I have been using a split keyboard for years now and I did exactly what Topher suggested. I brought mine from home.

I do type very fast and I am a software engineer. Once in maybe 3 or 4 months I get aches in my fingers or my wrist bone so…I take a break and relax.

This sounds a little silly , but sometimes I play with silly putty to give my fingers a little circulation and a stretch. Usually after a day or two, things are much better!

We would all do better to listen when our bodies tell us something isn’t working for it. Then make the appropriate change.

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