Why Should Microsoft Need eBay's Help In Fixing An Excel Problem?

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Apparently someone who worked out a security flaw in Microsoft Excel sent the company the details of the flaw, and then turned around and offered up the details on eBay. eBay shut down the auction, pointing out that they have a “policy against encouraging illegal activity.” Of course, it’s not clear that knowing the details of a software flaw is “illegal activity,” but that’s besides the point. What is odd, though, is that the press report claims: “Microsoft is aware of the reported flaw and has been working with eBay on the matter, a company representative said in a statement.” Working with eBay? What work could Microsoft possibly have to do with eBay? Shouldn’t the work be focused on fixing the flaw in their own software, rather than (as the quote suggests) trying to track down the guy who is trying to expose it?

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Comments on “Why Should Microsoft Need eBay's Help In Fixing An Excel Problem?”

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The Other Mike says:

Re: Re: No Subject Given

Agreed, but you know PR departments, and their lawyers, and their drive to put anyone in jail that looks at a company wrong.

Some MS lawyer is likely looking for a name to put on a lawsuit while the code monkeys are looking for a way to fix the original problem. In the end the idiot who put the problem up for sale will be blamed for creating it when they (the PR people)have to explain the situation to the bosses at MS.

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