Cybercrime, Drug Dealing And Made Up Statistics

from the say-what-now? dept

A few weeks ago, there was a story making the rounds that plenty of people were talking about. The headline was just too good for many to pass up: Cybercrime pays off more than drug trafficking. Of course reading through the article you realize that the “security expert” who made the statement didn’t seem to give any proof to back up the statement, and now lots of people are questioning the claim, saying that no matter how you do the math, it doesn’t seem to add up. Of course, part of the problem is that it’s pretty difficult to add up the numbers in any realistic way. However, how likely is it that for years now we’ll see the phrase “cybercrime is bigger than drug dealing” quoted as fact by lazy reporters (and people pitching security companies)?

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Comments on “Cybercrime, Drug Dealing And Made Up Statistics”

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giafly says:

OMG! Piracy is everywhere!

When I visit their URL up pops a dialog, saying in full:

The Adobe PDF has special features
Click on the Picture Tasks button in this tookbar to activate tools for working with pictures in this document:
– Export, edit, and save pictures
– Create slideshows with your favourites
– Share pictures online and order high-quality prints
[ ]Don’t show again [OK]

W00t! It says “Share pictures online”. Their own PDF is encouraging piracy.

alternatives says:

The difference between the bottom and the top.

In cybercrime, a one man operation COULD make a considerable amount of cash.

In drug dealing, one man isn’t gonna be able to do alot.

At the top of the drug chain, there is alot of money sloshing about. There isn’t the same sorrta ‘provider’ structure in cybercrime. Rings, yes…just like in drugs. But ‘a cybercrime lord’? Only in the movies or cartoons.

AngloAfro says:

Re: The difference between the bottom and the top.

In drug dealing, growing modest sized crop of [fill in drug of choice] and selling biannually can make a considerable amount of cash. It doesn’t scale as well as cyber crime, but your market base is MUCH broader and demand is seemingly infinite. You don’t have to seek out customers like you do with cybercrime. However your definition of considerable may be different than mine.
And cybercrime lords do exist, they’re just called crime lords. They outsource [not necessarily india] to technically inclined people and there are plenty of news articles about major busts and the shift towards online crime to support it. It’s not just one guy trying to get your bank account to transfer his fathers millions from Nigeria before the government siezes it (just one example, which can make a surprising amount of money.)

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