RIM Talking To NTP Through A Mediator

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Research In Motion says it’s talking to NTP through a mediator in hopes of resolving its patent lawsuit. Even though RIM seems to be winning through patent office, it’s definitely on the back foot in the courtroom. The “RIM is on the brink” stories continue to pile up, a prominent analyst firm says enterprises should wait to install Blackberry systems because RIM’s much-touted workaround, calling it “problematical”, because RIM’s keeping it secret and its history it the courts doesn’t instill confidence that it’s legally sound. Meanwhile, legal observers say the judge in the case is growing annoyed with RIM’s attempts to delay matters, presumably in hopes that the patent office will revoke NTP’s patents. Time appears to be running out for RIM, with the injunction to shut down its service a very real possibility. The judge tossed its previous $450 million settlement, and $1 billion is a figure being tossed around by analysts as potential damages — but it would seem that both companies would benefit from a quick resolution to the issue that doesn’t see Blackberry service get shut down.

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