Now It's The iPod That Will Destroy Your Digits

from the have-I-been-listening-to-music-the-wrong-way? dept

What is it with doctors trying to jump on some new technology as a way to build up business? We’ve covered how doctors have been warning us about being “addicted” to just about every new technology, when it’s clear that they’re just looking to drum up some new business. However, as people begin to point out that just because you use something a lot, it doesn’t mean it’s an “addiction,” it looks like doctors are looking elsewhere. The latest craze, apparently, is to pick the popular device of choice, and warn about the impact of carpal tunnel syndrome. That’s how we ended up with story’s about texter’s thumb and PlayStation thumb. Apparently that wasn’t driving enough visits to the chiropractor, as we’re now being warned about “iPod Finger.” Of course, this might make you wonder, how exactly are people using their iPods? Unlike texting or using a PlayStation, listening to your portable music player really doesn’t involve that much button mashing. At least not the way I listen to music. Have I been doing something wrong?

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Comments on “Now It's The iPod That Will Destroy Your Digits”

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Anonymous Coward says:

A random shot at chiropractors?

How does a chiropractor have anything to do with repetitive strain injuries to the hand?
Chiropractors deal with spinal adjustments. They have nothing to do with carpal tunnel syndrome and other problems like that.
Please try to make sense with your posts instead of just trying to sound clever.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: A random shot at chiropractors?

Chiropractors claim to be able to remedy all (yes all) ailments through spinal manipulation as everything wrong with a person is (in chiropractic theory) caused by subluxations in the spinal cord. There are some who only focus on injuries directly related to the spine but chiropractic medicine as an entity is much sillier than that.

So basically, I’m not surprised to see chiropractors selling a different kind of nonsense here.

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