Europeans Can't Get Enough

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More than 100,000 applications were filed on the first day of registrations for the Euro-centric .eu domains, with “” the most sought-after name. Surely this is what the forefathers of the European Union had in mind: not a common economic market or free trade and passage, but sexual content from around the continent united under a single domain. Now, if the .xxx TLD ever comes back, will there be a rush on

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Comments on “Europeans Can't Get Enough”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Ask the forefathers

Okay, Techdirt is a technical news publication, so you guys are in theory journalists. If you wonder if the EU’s forefathers had something in mind, just ask them. The EU hasn’t been around for 200 years, Hell it hasn’t been around for 20 years. Surely some of the forefathers are still alive. It is a silly premise anyway. Regardless of any domain it is hardly a major issue to the people in the EU. The post reads like the government or the entire union has been working on instead of accomplishing more important things, which of course isn’t the case. Carlo really has an attitude, doesn’t he?

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