Chat Up Your Virus

from the yo,-how-you-doing? dept

There’s been a lot of talk recently about new worm malware that’s been using instant messaging programs to transport itself. However, the latest variation is even a bit sneakier. It will chat with the user it’s infecting to try to convince them that the file they just sent isn’t a virus (“lol no its not its a virus” is apparently one of the things it’s programmed to say). Maybe those folks who have a patent on chat bots can go after the virus writers.

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Comments on “Chat Up Your Virus”

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Anarchy_Creator (user link) says:

I Hate Stupid People!

Tim: Hello
Tom: Hi… uhh do i know you?
Tim: Here check this out
user Tim is trying to send you a file named Jessica_Alba_Nude.jpg.vbs would you like to accept?
Tom: What is this?
Tim: Lol it’s not a virus
Tom: Oh well I’ll take the word of someone I don’t know sending me a nude photo of a big named actress who doesn’t do nude roles.

Narrator: Some people would pity poor Tom for trusting someone on the internet. Well I sure as hell don’t. If you’re stupid enough to open files from people you don’t know over the internet then you deserve to have your identity stoled, your comxorz haxed, your first born child sold into slavery, your daughter impregnated by aliens, your wife to grow a penis bigger then yours, and your monitor to constantly project geigh manpr0n.
Some free advice; don’t be stupid like Tom.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: I Hate Stupid People!

Speaking of stupid people, RTFA anarchy creator.

The messages aren’t sent from some random person on the internet. They are sent to all the people on the affected person’s contact list. Therefore the messages that infect you SAY they are coming from someone you know, not a complete stranger.

You may be right, don’t open a file from someone you don’t know on the internet. Most of us learned that a decade ago. However, this is much different and that’s why it is newsworthy. When the virus is coming from someone you DO know, it’s a little harder to pick up on the fact that you are receiving a virus.

ps. You’re a complete idiot for using the terms “comxorz haxed” and “geigh manpr0n”

Anarchy_Creator (user link) says:

Re: Re: I Hate Stupid People!

Anonymous Coward first off let me start this post by saying: suck my left testicle, while massaging my right.
Whether, or not the files come from people on your buddy list, or strangers if a file extension is .ext1.ext2 it’s generally smart not to open it. Especially if it’s .vbs .vbe .scf .reg .bat etc…
And I don’t know what type of people you have conversations with on AIM, but the people I conversate with don’t repeat themselves incoherently at everything I say to them, and keep telling me to open a file they’re sending claiming it’s not a virus Pre-LoL.

ps. You’re a complete idiot for trying to start the 100000000000000000000th message board flame war.


K says:

Re: Re: Re: I Hate Stupid People!

This is directed toward the Anarchy Creator. If you are such an anarchist, as myself, then why is it that you support the fact that people are trying to infect you with a virus on YOUR computer using your friends’ names. The funny thing is that in anarchy, you look out for yourself, and you are completely opposing that idea. You are supporting those who wish your demise. You call yourself an anarchy “creator”. That is total bullshit. You haven’t created anything but a controversial topic on the internet between people who don’t even know each other, so don’t give me that crap. A real anarchist wouldn’t even have bothered with supporting other people’s actions, he would have had the initiative to stop it, which is exactly what I am doing. I have created a countervirus for my computer. If you want it, create it yourself, you fucking dweeb.

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